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NES Direct Donation and Membership Drive 2023-2024



We are excited to kick off another PTA Membership Drive and Direct Donation Campaign! Our goal is to have 320 families join the PTA and raise $10,000 in Direct Donations by Thanksgiving. After a successful Direct Donation Drive last year, we know we can reach our goal!

Why do Direct Donation as the main fundraising event? First and foremost, 100% of the funds go directly to Northfield students and staff, which eliminates the hassle of door-to-door sales by your child(ren). Your donation is also 100% tax deductible.

Where does your donation go? The funds provide resources and support for our teachers, staff, and community and are used for all in-school cultural art assemblies as well as various school and family events such as the B2S Boogie, Trunk or Treat, Staff Appreciation, Diversity Efforts, STEM Activities, Drama Club, Fitness Initiatives, Rudy’s Block Party and more!

Additionally, the entire student body will be rewarded when each milestone is met. When $2,000 is raised, the students will enjoy a Pajama Day - always a fun time for the kids. At the $4,000 mark, the students will be granted an extra recess. At $6,000, the Northfield staff will do a Teacher Swap. The kids really got a kick out of that last year! As we reach $8,000, the students will receive a special prize from Rudy himself, at his big reveal! And when we hit our goal of $10,000, Mrs. Lopez will receive a pie in the face! 

What are the benefits of being a PTA member? Not only does your $20 go directly to the school, you will also have an opportunity to be involved with our Northfield community. You can volunteer, plan, or participate as much or as little as you want. Any time or funds you give will be much appreciated. In addition, not only parents can contribute! Willing family or friends can donate as well.

So, parents, let’s start this school year off with a bang! Join the PTA and donate today! With your help, we can continue with advocacy, programs and events that the kids and staff have enjoyed over the years.


Please take a moment and donate to the PTA!

Thank you for your support,

Kristy Insignares
NES PTA Direct Donation and Membership Chair

NES PTA Admin on 9/14/2023 9:32 am