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Parent/Family Virtual Speaker Series - Liz Walsh

A big NES thank-you goes out to County Council Chair, Liz Walsh for joining us for such an informative evening March 25th! For those of you who are interested in the discussion but couldn't make it, you can view the recording here


To get involved with county processes that effect our school system directly, there are two immediate opportunities to do so:

  1. Howard County updates its general plan once every 10 years. The function of the general plan is to guide land-use, growth and development decisions. The Department of Planning and Zoning is currently leading a community outreach effort to create a new general plan called HoCo By Design. Sadly, our school system has never been a topic discussed in the previous revisions. Because our community has been effective in raising concerns regarding overcrowding, redistricting, and securing appropriate school sites in a county that is almost fully developed, that has changed. It is important that we continue to participate and speak up for our children as they cannot do so for themselves. This county is theirs to inherit. Please set aside approximately 30 minutes to review the Scenarios StoryMap and provide your feedback in the closing survey.

    This closing survey is available until midnight on Monday, April 5th.

  2. During our March 25th Speaker Series event, County Council Chair, Liz Walsh discussed Council Bill 24-2021. The aim of CB24 is to "curb what seems an unending series of developers' one-off requests to veer from existing zoning requirements, even while a plan to guide the next decades' worth of land use is nearing completion. This is relevant to the school system because of the direct impact zoning has on school capacity." The Board of Education has also voted unanimously to support this bill! To find out more about CB24, you can watch a five minute clip of the Board of Education meeting here.

    The county council vote is scheduled for Monday, April 5th during the 7PM Council Legislative Session. Please support CB24 by submitting your testimony to



3/31/2021 6:58 pm