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NES Lost+Found: Label Your Items!

Please remember to CLEARLY label ALL items that get sent into school: hats, gloves, coats, sweaters, shirts, water bottles, lunch bags, books, notebooks...! If your student can take it off or put it down, it can be lost!


If a piece of clothing/accessory has at least a LAST NAME on it, the front office does a great job of reuniting items with their owners.


Tips for labeling student items:

  • Write in clear letters. Include last name-- and at least first initial if possible.
  • Write on a tag that is visible inside the garment.
  • If there is no tag already in the item, use a label that adheres securely or write name on a scrap of ribbon and safety-pin it inside the item.
  • Use a permanent marker that shows up clearly.
  • Periodically check items (especially water bottles), since the name can rub off/fade with washing.

The Lost+Found is available in the front corner of the cafeteria for students to collect their items. Adults are able to come look through the lost+found during school hours by checking in at the front office. Students may also browse the racks for their items-- they may ask a teacher/lunch monitor/staff member for help!!

NES PTA Admin on 9/18/2022 10:29 pm