Welcome to the spectacular underwater world of "Finding Nemo: The Musical"! We're thrilled to have you join us at the Great Barrier Reef Theater for this fin-tastic adventure, where we promise an unforgettable journey beneath the waves. Tickets are $6.











Congratulations to our Cast!!


  Dhruva Kumar Nemo
  Iva Begley Marlin
  Amelia Medranda Dory
  Kate Steib Bubbles
  Avry Oxenreider Bloat
  Wesley Shackelford Gurgle
  Katie Martin Peach
  Adam Chandler Gill
  Molly Blank Crush
  Addy Moore Squirt
  Lucia Nellius Kai
  Adam Doll Breeze
  Leo Kobylinski Bruce
  Aaryan Kesagalla Anchor
  Ava Hughes Coral
  Olivia Mann Barracuda
  Catherine Albright Seagull 1
  Bailee Douglas Seagull 2
  Calista Arnold Seagull 3
  Patrick Hammond Vacationer
  Christian Eberhardt Professor Ray
  Mila Shirmohammadi Angel Fish
  Eva Popow Damselfish
  Lillian Yang Sheldons Parent
  Peter Collins Pearls Parent
  Camila J Gonzalez Matta Tads Parent
  Evie Fuchs Pearl
  Amelia Rock Sheldon
  Maggie Hyland Tad
  Emily Kena

Scuba Mask Dancer



Congratulations to our Crew!


William Zaron
Delaney Stewart
Madison Berry
Henry Markus
Gus Kobylinski
Checka Manuel
Keisuke Harada
Sahasra Santhosh
Austin Insignares
Anthony Betsis
Lincoln Dodson
Amanda Soto

Hayley Pickett

Dhruvi Kathuria


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