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Congratulations and a round of applause are in order for the Roadrunners who showcased their talents through visual arts and literature, and submitted entries to this year’s Reflections program! All the entries were thoughtful and captivating, each one capturing the Reflections’ theme of “I am Hopeful Because.” The Northfield PTA is excited to announce the names of the four students whose art is currently competed among hundreds of other entries at the Reflections program at the PTA Council of Howard County (PTACHC).

There were two entries from 2nd grade.
From Ms. Mowery’s class, Maddux Hurst’s literary piece entitled “Never Give Up”
And from Mr. Deitemyer’s class, Jacob Hickman’s visual arts piece entitled, “Squirmy Worm.”

From Ms. Pruitt’s 4th grade class, another literary piece was submitted by Peter Collins entitled “Things I am Hopeful For.”

And last but not least, from Mr. Angell’s 5th grade class, Daniel Hickman submitted a visual art piece entitled “The Tree.”

Congratulations again to Maddux, Jacob, Peter and Daniel!

Northfield PTA’s Reflections would not have been possible without the support of the Northfield administration, teachers, and parents. Thank you for being leaders in our community for the arts and being champions of art education at Northfield. The Northfield PTA is thankful to all those who made Reflections possible. We look forward to continuing Reflections next year with the theme of “Accepting Imperfection.”

Jessica Eng on 1/15/2024 10:30 am

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